Wedding Gown Rental Services


With the decline in our economy during these unprecedented times, many brides are left at unease with prices. Commonly, most of us are on strict budgets that can make planning a beautiful wedding more stressful than it needs to be.


Perhaps you’re on a specific budget and are wanting to spend more on the reception, photographer, and/or honeymoon than on the dress. Or maybe you can’t make sense out of paying a lot to purchase a wedding gown you’ll only wear once. Aside from budgetary concerns, some brides also worry about finding the space to store a gown and to actively preserve it.


 If any of these describe your situation, we can help! There are many great advantages to renting a wedding dress compared to other options you have, so if this is an option for you, read on to learn more. 


Fulfilling the tradition of having that “something borrowed.” All you’ll be needing now for your big day is something old, something new, and something blue!



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