Alterations Terms & Conditions


By entering into this agreement with Maria Cabrera Alterations & Tailoring you agree to comply with the followingTerms & Conditions of sale/service. From here on you/your refers to the client and œus/we/our refers to Maria Cabrera Alterations & Tailoring 

PRICING Much of the Clothing we buy is made overseas in countries with low wage standards. We Believe everyone deserves to be compensated for a job well done-particularly when expedited. At times the alterations may cost more than the clothing. The art of sewing is a skilled trade with many levels of craftsmanship and experience. Prices are based on experience, education, reputation, demand and cost per hour. 

The cost of all services is shared with you on your first visit, every garment is very different in its construction... it is necessary for us to see all garments for pricing. 

Further cost may be incurred for extra work required due to changes in the body. 


DEPOSITS & INSTALLMENTS Deposits and installments are non-refundable. 

UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCTS Under no circumstances, aggressive behaviours and abusive languages will be tolerated in our premises, over the phone, email or online. Unacceptable behaviours include and are not limited to shouting, swearing and any action that may affect our business and other clients. We have the right to refuse or stop serving anyone who shows these unacceptable conduct. In such an event we will terminate the client’s service without a refund for services already started or completed. Such client /clients will be banned from using our services in the future.

LIMITATIONS OF OUR SERVICES All alterations done on a garment are carried out according on the pinning, body measurements and instructions. 

Every company including ourselves uses different machinery and sewing techniques. 

Claims can be considered, you must notify us immediately. With such claims, the garment/garments must be physically presented for inspection before any arrangement can be considered. 

We do not accept any responsibility for garments that are not measured, pinned or fitted in our premises. We do not provide complementary work or refund for garments that have been damaged, made dirty or if you have work done by other business. 

We do not refund orders cancelled prior to completion. 

We aim to provide the highest quality service possible. You must inspect all goods before leaving the store. We will not be held responsible for any defects or damage to goods once a garment has left the store. Any wear and tear or depletion of goods due to use and wear are not our responsibility. 

CANCELLATIONS & RESCHEDULING In the event you are going to be late please contact us immediately. If you are more than 20 minutes behind, we may not be able to accomodate you, depending on other bookings within that day. A fee of $15 for Every 15 minutes of consultation/fitting time. $25 for bridal. 

RUSH SERVICES Rush services are available at additional cost. 

UNCOLLECTED ITEMS The client is under an obligation to collect his/her garments within 30 calendar days. If we are unable to contact the client we will dispose or donate the items without further notification and we will not be held liable for any loss that the client may suffer.