We are open by appointment only in order to best serve our clientele. 

***Due to COVID-19 and State of New York guidelines, we are currently limiting the number of guests per appointment to two people (in addition to the bride) for our standard Bridal Appointments. 


We understand that trying on bridal gowns can be one of the most exciting parts of being a bride, and we don't blame you for wanting to share that experience with those closest to you! However, to ensure that all of our clients have as comfortable and as personal of an experience as possible, we must limit the amount of space each party occupies.

It is helpful to wear a strapless bra (some brides don’t wear one at all, that is okay too!) Keep in mind we will be in the room with you, helping you in and out of the dresses, so wear light colored undergarments you are comfortable in front of a stranger in. We have a pedestal to mimic the height that heels would give you without having to slip in and out of your shoes after each dress, but you are welcome to bring a pair of your own heels if it would better help you to envision your final look.

Not necessarily Finding the perfect gown is only half of the battle. Perfecting the fit is imperative in bringing out a gown's true beauty, this is our specialty! Let us handle all of your alteration needs. While we are formal wear specialists, we are fully capable and happy to help you with all types of clothing. This includes, of course bridesmaid dresses/ evening gowns, suits, blouses, pants, coats, even jeans. Just set up an appointment and we’d be happy to help with your everyday wardrobe. 

When your gown is ordered, it will be ordered to accommodate your largest measurement, according to your bridal designer's size chart. It is not uncommon for a bride to be a different size in her bust than in her hips, or a different size in her waist than in her bust, etc. After you find your dream dress, your stylist will take your measurements and go over the designer size chart with you in order to help choose the best possible size. Most of the time, alterations will need to be done to achieve a perfect fit.

Alterations expenses will vary based on the amount of work being done, and the turnaround time allowed. In general, you should budget between $500-$950.